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Experience the healing touch of traditional Kerala Ayurveda, at Changethu Ayurveda. Situated in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, Changethu Ayurveda beckons you with the promise of harmonious health; a promise that turns out to be a living experience for hundreds of patients everyday, the excellence that spans over 3 centuries and 8 generations.


The Changethu family is proud with a long and excellent tradition in Ayurveda. The family history claims to date back to 17th Century, when Kandararu, the then head of the Changethu family got initiated into the practice of Ayurveda by the famous Vaidyan Nambi who belonged to the celebrated Alathur faimily of Ashtavaidyas. This long legacy helped the family in gaining in-depth knowledge in diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. Not only that, the Changethu family acquired proficiency in the treatment of various ailings, especially those related to the vertebra and the spine including spondylitis, spondylosis, disc prolapse, disc herniation, disc dehydration, scoliosis and the like.


Changethu – Natural Efficacy

For treatments, Changethu Ayurveda relies on ayurvedic medicines prepared by theirown manufacturing unit. Herbs, oils, ghee, milk, grains and the like, required for the medicinal preparations, are procured from selected sources, ensuring utmost purity and quality. Medicines are prepared in the GMP Cetified, Changethu Sai Krishna Pharmaceuiticals. The manufactuing unit is equipped with both conventional and modern facilities. The medicines are prepared as per the Yogams mentioned in texts like Ashtangahridaya, Sahasra Yoga, Bhaishajya Ratnavali and the rare manuscripts available in the family. Asavams, Arishtams, Arkams, Kashayams, Lehyams, Ghrithams, Avarthanams, Ennas, Kerams, Kuzhambus, Gulikas, Choornas etc. are manufactured in the unit, strictly following the prescribed standards and qualities. The manufacturing unit caters to the need the OP and IP departments of the two hospitals.

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Changethu – Patient Facilities

Changethu Ayurveda has established two full-fledged hospitals in Pathanamthitta. One in the heart of Pathanamthitta town, and the other in the scenic, laid-back village of Thumpamon, on the banks of a rivulet.

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